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Are you looking to get “the” shot of your child, pet or baby? Well here are some tips for you to get the perfect shot to include on your birth announcement or party invitation!

But try not to stress out too much, its hard work getting those kiddos to cooperate if your shot is not totally perfect…we will edit the photograph to make SURE it looks perfect! 



Here are some tips on taking your best photo.

Use your Eyes

Sometimes the type of camera your using whether it be an expensive camera or just a regular point and shoot doesn’t matter if you don’t use your eyes. You must look through the viewfinder. Take a look and make sure your subject is the focus of the picture.  A camera should not replace your own eyes.

Be Patient

It could take several pictures before you get what I like to call the “money” shot.  Your subject may go through phases of being interested in the camera and the next second not interested. Take as many pictures as you can to guarantee a great shot.

Use natural light

You may be surprised to learn that cloudy, overcast days provide the best lighting for pictures of people. Bright sun makes people squint, and it throws harsh shadows on their faces. On overcast days, the soft light flatters faces. Indoors, try turning off the flash and use the light coming in from a window to give your subject a soft, almost glowing appearance.

 Use a simple background

An uncluttered background focuses attention on the subject, resulting in a stronger picture. Place your subject against a plain, non-distracting background. Alternatively, sometimes just moving yourself (and the camera) a few feet one way or the other can eliminate distractions from view.

Try different angles

Start by shooting at your subject at eye level. Then try something different—stand on a (sturdy!) chair and shoot down at your subject, use something (sturdy and safe) to elevate them a little.


Once your done taking your photo you can send us the snap shots and we can add some finishing touches to make the photo “picture perfect”.

 Here are some examples of how we can edit your photos to enhance them even more…

 *Photo editing is free with an order, if you would like to have me edit your photo without placing an order you can find the pricing in the pricing section of the site.